Money-Saving Ways to Organize Toddlers Room

Cleaning and organizing a toddler’s room can be such a time-consuming task. As kids usually have much more toys than you have place, this area of the house is always messy. Nowadays shops are full of storage accessories, which are a reliable solution for many parents.
Yet, why should you invest in something you can make yourself? Plus, you need to spend a lot in order to create places for all the clothes, toys, books and other objects in your child’s room.

Kohl’s Jumping Beans

Last week I stopped by Kohl’s to look at their children’s line. We were in desperate need of fall and winter wear, summer came to an abrupt end and was immediately replaced with cool fall weather….even cooler than usual. Which meant that dresses and shorts needed to be replaced with sweaters and leggings, ASAP.

I stumbled across Jumping Beans a Kohl’s Exclusive Brand.

Their leggings are AMAZEBALLS. I promse you, these are the softest leggings you will ever find. I really wish they came in my size. They are fleece lined and hold up well in the wash. Make sure to look for the Fleece Lined label if you want the softest pants and sweaters.

The One Trick That ALWAYS Gets My Toddler to Take a Nap

Want to know the one trick that ALWAYS gets my toddler to take a nap?

Recently our daughter has decided she doesn’t want to go to sleep at a normal bed time, instead she prefers to stay awake to the wee hours. Wee hours being past midnight, that is way too late for this full time working mama.

Being that my daughter is still not young enough to understand a bribe compromise, I have to resort to other methods of getting her to sleep or take a nap.