Go to Sleep Child

Go to sleep child. NO. Please. NO. Pretty please? NO. But mommy is tired, & you’ve had your bottle already NO. Here, have some cheerios, let’s watch “Frozen”, how about a cookie….do you want to go to sleep yet. NO. Here’s Mr. Bear, and fuzzy blanket. Are you tired yet? NO.  Let’s spin around and…

Number One Baby Shower Gift You Need to Give

If you’re my friend and pregnant (or will be soon) I’m sorry in advance to ruin the surprise because I’m going to tell you exactly what you’ll be getting from me.

I generally don’t advise straying from a registry because people tend to put the things they need on them, however, first time moms (and I say this with full confidence because I registered for a variety of unnecessary items) tend to not know what in the heck they really NEED.

I was gifted our Leachco Podster and in all honesty I thought I wouldn’t use it but it ended up being a Godsend.

Tears, snot and ear infections // following mom intuition

for her, this is only her second cold, which for an almost 1 year old is pretty dang good! She’s got my great immune system . Read here for more tips on effective cold remedies.

She woke up yesterday congested and with lots of snot coming out of her little nose.
When I got home from work I noticed that her ear had some brown drainage, I’m lucky enough that I can reach out to my nurse friends when I have any medical questions.