Must Have Fall Boots for Moms

Truth, being a mom can sometimes take a toll on my fashion choices.

On my days off I find myself reaching for sneakers or flip flops, anything that will allow me to chase around my toddler, but with the fall weather upon us I seek out boots. The boots of my past (think early 20s) are no longer practical, I can’t risk my stilts when I’m chasing down my daughter.

But, I am a woman and I am a vain one, I want cute fall outfits like all the Pinterest bloggers. I’ve pulled together some of this seasons must have fall boots for moms.

But, I am a woman and I am a vain one, I want cute fall outfits like all the Pinterest bloggers. I’ve pulled together some of this seasons must have fall boots for moms.

Creating a Birth Plan

What is a birth plan?

It’s essentially a blueprint of the type of birthing experience you’d like to have. It can cover anything from not allowing students in the room to requesting delayed cord clamping.

Working in healthcare I knew that I didn’t want to be “that patient” who is overly demanding, inflexible and a control freak but there were certain things that I wanted in place, such as, I wanted to attempt a natural birth but please let me know when the “point of no return is” in case I miss my window for an epidural (I ended up getting an epidural btw)

47 Things I’ve Learned as a New Mom

With Bridget’s 1st year now in my rear view I’ve been able to sit back and think about what I learned that first year. Some where surprising even to me!

47 Things I’ve Learned About Being a New Mom

No matter how many books you’ve read or parenting classes you’ve attended nothing will prepare you for parenthood
You will worry a lot, here’s how I’ve learned how to handle the anxiety
The mood you’re in totally affects your baby, try learning how to cope with stress, anger, anxiety

finding a roommate, cohabitation

8 Steps to Finding a Trustworthy Roommate

8 Steps to Finding a Trustworthy Roommate

I want to preface this by saying that I am not responsible for any crazies you happen to interview for a roommate position.

That being said I’ve met two of my best friends on Craigslist while searching for a roommate

I adore them, they are two of the strongest most amazing women I have ever been so privileged to meet. They are my soul sisters. I don’t want to be sappy, but these girls saw me through some dark and tough times. These girls changed my life.

how to ease anxiety, stress

5 Ways to Ease Anxiety When Everything is Going Wrong

What is Anxiety?

It’s definitely something that isn’t talked about frequently, I know that for me personally it comes with this stigma of not being able to handle life and being weak. Which I know I am definitely not. Going through a pregnancy when your husband is deployed at sea required a lot of strength, especially when I felt like everything was going and I had no one to talk about it with.

Anxiety can appear in a number of ways, for some people its the fear that something will go wrong, concerns that for others may seem “silly”. But it’s a real and oftentimes overwhelming feeling of apprehension.

Bridget turns ONE

We celebrated Bridget’s first birthday in June and it was such a great time! I initially didn’t want to do anything major for her because she wouldn’t remember it and it seemed silly to spend so much money….however, last minute I decided to ask my mom for help. I wanted a low key BBQ to celebrate, but I should’ve known that nothing with my mom is ever low key, it’s just not her style.

My mom cooked up a storm, we had a few family and friends come over to celebrate and Bridget (and me) were surprised with a pineapple piñata! Bridget really enjoyed smacking the heck out of it, it’s definitely a tradition that we will continue.

4th of July Beach Volleyball

Sorry for my absence, I spent a large part of June trying to transfer Petite Pepper from Blogger to Wordpress, and it was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be….definitely felt like I had no idea what I was doing for about 90% of the time. But I FINALLY got it to wordpress and I LOVE it, it’s got so many great plugins and cool themes, so if you are looking to transfer everything from blogger to wordpress, check this site out, it was so helpful and informative, and best of all was dummy proof!

We celebrated Bridget’s First Birthday in June, I can’t believe I’m a mommy to a toddler now. She is walking all over the place and is getting into so many things.

Number One Baby Shower Gift You Need to Give

If you’re my friend and pregnant (or will be soon) I’m sorry in advance to ruin the surprise because I’m going to tell you exactly what you’ll be getting from me.

I generally don’t advise straying from a registry because people tend to put the things they need on them, however, first time moms (and I say this with full confidence because I registered for a variety of unnecessary items) tend to not know what in the heck they really NEED.

I was gifted our Leachco Podster and in all honesty I thought I wouldn’t use it but it ended up being a Godsend.