about me: Hey! I’m Suz and I run the Petite Pepper blog!

I am a full time working mom to my little one, B. I began Petite Pepper as a fashion blog but its slowly evolved into a more mom & child focused blog, I’d love to eventually do this full time and not have to be a slave to the customer service field.
At the Petite Pepper I love to discuss (& receive) any and all parenting advice, seriously I cannot get enough of it, as well as provide insight into our daily lives.
I currently work full time supporting my family of 3, as my husband is getting started on a pilot career – trust me, the life of a pilot wife is anything but glamorous in the beginning.
I consider myself a mom boss, and there are some days I have no idea how I get it all done, of course wine always helps 😉

I’ve had the opportunity to live in many places, Arizona, California, Idaho and Hawaii, although I’m currently blogging from beautiful Boise, ID.

In my non blogging life I work in an urgent care clinic. I’ve had the privilege of working in healthcare for the past 5 years, I’ve seen and learned a lot. The greatest experience was my time spent working in the Emergency Dept in Hawaii, talk about an under served population!

However, a few months ago I decided not to pursue my nursing career or continue in healthcare at all and will slowly be transitioning into real estate…my heart just is not in it anymore. As much as I love the excitement and adrenaline that healthcare brings the bureaucracy of it all tired me out.

I’d love it if you decided to follow me and my little family as I navigate this new adventure into mommy-hood and a new career!

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