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Want to know the one trick that ALWAYS gets my toddler to take a nap?

Recently our daughter has decided she doesn’t want to go to sleep at a normal bed time, instead she prefers to stay awake to the wee hours. Wee hours being past midnight, that is way too late for this full time working mama.

Being that my daughter is still not young enough to understand a bribe compromise, I have to resort to other methods of getting her to sleep or take a nap.

How to get your toddler to sleep every time!

I give my child a bath, using soothing lavender baby wash, this smells so good it almost makes me want to take a nap right along with her.

Afterwards I lather her up with lotion,ย then I lay her down on her podster (let me tell you why I love this thing) and give her a bottle. She falls asleep within 2-3 minutes of laying in the podster.

That is it. Incredible right! It is so easy, and mama you will be smacking your palm to your forehead in amazement because it works like a charm. The warm bath relaxes their little muscles, and giving them a nice soft space to lay on is the perfect place to take a long nap.

Let me tell you, when you’ve tried everything and your toddler refuses to fall asleep this will do the trick. I don’t use it all the time but its worked 100% of the time.

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7 thoughts on “The One Trick That ALWAYS Gets My Toddler to Take a Nap”

  1. That’s amazing that it worked for you 100% of the time mama! Massaging my lottles feet helps us most of the time, in addition to laying on my chest lol. White noise too!

    1. Oh yes we have an air filter machine that is loud and we run that too, helps with my daughters allergies and the white noise helps keep her asleep.

    1. Lavender always does the trick, it is so relaxing. I like requesting it as the scent to use when I get massages. it smells heavenly.

  2. My older one has recently started protesting naps (AHHH) and I can barely make it through the day. She’s 2.5 so some people think she’s just outgrown naps, but I disagree. Maybe I’ll try some lavender lotion to calm her down in the middle of the day!

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