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Money-Saving Ways to Organize Toddlers Room

Cleaning and organizing a toddler’s room can be such a time-consuming task. As kids usually have much more toys than you have place, this area of the house is always messy. Nowadays shops are full of storage accessories, which are a reliable solution for many parents.
Yet, why should you invest in something you can make yourself? Plus, you need to spend a lot in order to create places for all the clothes, toys, books and other objects in your child’s room.
Fortunately, there are so many things around your home that you can transform into storage boxes, bags and shelves. The best part is that they will express your own ideas and creativity.

Personalize Their Bed

You can simply use any basic wooden bed and colour it in a funny way with spray paint. Another idea is to embroider the pillow-case. Decorate it with flowers, butterflies, animals, etc. You know what your child would like the most!

Create toy storage crates

You can make those by putting some old pallets together. Create as many as you need, put wheels under and color them. By moving the storage crates, you can easily teach your child to put the toys in their rightful place after playtime.

Old furniture comes into action

Just like toys, books are also often scattered on the floor. It will be great if you make a special place for them. Bring out that old dusty cabinet. We are going to transform it in a bookshelf. Clean it entirely and remove its doors. After that paint the back of the shelves and put it in appropriate place.  Arrange the books on the shelves and on the top put some plush toys.

Create a place for stuffed animals

Every child has plenty of stuffed animals and they can make the room look messy. You can always put them on the top of the shelves or around the bed but they will take up less space by hanging them on the wall. By the means of hobby wood and several hooks, you can make a swing. Put the stuffed animals inside and hang it on the wall.
*Editor note: You can also get a toy hammock, for those that are less DIY-ey

Store smaller items in old soup cans

This is a creative and cost-effective way to organize small toys, pencils, and even Lego toys. You can refresh the boring cans by painting them or putting funny stickers. After that, attach them to a big plastic board and hang it on the wall.

Decrease the possibility for a mess with this organizer

Choose your preferred fabric and make a bedside organizer. Add as many pockets as necessary and slip it between the bed frame and the mattress. Here you can store everything from books to small electronic devices. This very easy to make bedside hanging organizer is another perfect way to avoid clutter and make the space cleaner.

Breath new life into old frames

As any parent, you also would like to have some pictures in the toddler’s room. Instead of buying new frames, use any old ones. Refresh them by coloring and once you put the pictures inside, hang them on the walls. In this way, they won’t take up any additional space.

Refresh old curtains

Curtains spruce up any room. Yet, they don’t need to be brand new to add warmth and comfort to your toddler’s room.! You can also refresh the old ones. If necessary trim them, add some colorful fabric or decoration and you will produce the desired effect.
These ideas will help you keep your toddler’s room clean and organised. The best part is that everything you need to implement them is already in your house.

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