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Last week I stopped by Kohl’s to look at their children’s line. We were in desperate need of fall and winter wear, summer came to an abrupt end and was immediately replaced with cool fall weather….even cooler than usual. Which meant that dresses and shorts needed to be replaced with sweaters and leggings, ASAP.

I stumbled across Jumping Beans a Kohl’s Exclusive Brand.

Their leggings are AMAZEBALLS. I promse you, these are the softest leggings you will ever find. I really wish they came in my size. They are fleece lined and hold up well in the wash. Make sure to look for the Fleece Lined label if you want the softest pants and sweaters.

We took our Bunny Sweater out for a test run yesterday, Bridget was so warm and I was pleasantly surprised at how well this sweater stood up to her tumbling down the grass hill .

I also love that they’ve collaborated with Disney to create cute, unique and affordable children’s wear.

A major selling point for many parents is that their pants come in Long, yes! If your little one is tall this brand has catered sizes to fit them.

Their designs are so cute, I even took a peek at the boys section and loved what I saw!

Jumping Beans Brand is Definitely Mom Approved


4 thoughts on “Kohl’s Jumping Beans”

    1. So cute! I love that they are not too “kiddy”..in all honestly I wish that bunny sweater came in my size.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised at their prices…I frankly bought the sweaters and leggings because they were so soft but they have held up after a couple of wears. Will be rebuying them. Love this brand!

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