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I gave up alcohol for 30 days (& here’s why you should too)

Yes, it’s true…for thirty days I gave up drinking ALL ALCOHOL.

That meant no mimosas at brunch, no happy hour with my coworkers, no date night drinks with my spouse, no night caps after work. Zilch. Nada.

This wasn’t a decision I came to lightly. I have a healthy relationship with alcohol, but the fact that many of my social activities revolved around it got me thinking that I should put happy hour on a short sabbatical.

I’d actually been toying around with the idea to give up drinking for an extended amount of time but hadn’t decided to commit to it. What finally pushed me over the edge, was a night out with my friend that seemed innocent enough until I woke up the following morning sick to my stomach.  And the morning after that, and the morning after that.

It was…the longest hangover. Ever.

So I decided I was abstaining from mom juice for 30 days, first because I wanted to challenge myself, maybe (but not importantly) lose a bit of weight in the process and most importantly I wanted to be a better mom to my daughter. And the days I woke up with a massive headache from overindulging in copious amounts of wine did not add up to me being the best mom I could be.

Here’s what happened during those 30 days


Energy Booster

I won’t say that every day I bounced out of bed eager to take on the day, but I did find that getting up in the mornings wasn’t so difficult anymore. I was a more productive employee and a happier mommy to my daughter.


Sometimes drinking can cause any of us to spiral into this dark tunnel that makes us second guess ourselves, our relationships and our goals. Without that haze that alcohol can cause I was more focused on my life and relationships. I felt fulfilled, genuinely and satisfyingly fulfilled. I learned that even without alcohol I am still a fun person to be around!

My waist line shrank

I didn’t weigh myself before and after because this wasn’t a “transformation” type of deal I was doing with myself. But at the end of the month I measured myself for fun and I had lost an entire inch off my waist size! My jeans fit better and I felt healthier, more energetic and yes, sexier.

I Had Extra Money in the Bank

It’s incredible how much money I spend on alcohol a month! On an average month I’d spend anywhere between $100-$150 on wine and beer alone. Yikes!

Increase in Will Power

This practice showed me that I had the will power to say “No thank you” when my in laws offered me a glass of wine at dinner. And it allowed me to flex that will power continuously throughout the month when challenges arose that had me passing on drinks.


Am I saying I’m never going to drink again? Not at all, this mama loves her glass of wine after a long day at work and mimosa at lunch with the girls….but I did prove to myself that I don’t need that glass of Cabernet every night and I can pass ordering that lager at dinner.

2 thoughts on “I Gave Up Alcohol for 30 Days”

  1. I tried giving up alcohol for 30 days on the 9th of last month. With the exception of one oops night (we went camping, there was booze everywhere, it was super cold so I drank some whisky), I’ve been successful.
    I’ve noticed a lot of these benefits, too! Obviously I’ve saved money, but I’m generally happier and have more energy. I’ve lost about 4lbs, too, so that’s nice. I am pretty sure I’m going to continue this after the 30 days is up and shoot for 60 days alcohol free!

    1. Good for you! I would’ve had whiskey too if I’d gone camping, it’s a necessity.
      That is so awesome that you’ve lost 4 lbs!! I didn’t realize how many of my calories I drank each night after work. And was frankly astonished when at the end of 30 days I realized how much money I had saved. Keep going mama!

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