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Must Have Fall Boots for Moms

Truth, being a mom can sometimes take a toll on my fashion choices.

On my days off I find myself reaching for sneakers or flip flops, anything that will allow me to chase around my toddler, but with the fall weather upon us I seek out boots. The boots of my past (think early 20s) are no longer practical, I can’t risk my stilts when I’m chasing down my daughter.

But, I am a woman and I am a vain one, I want cute fall outfits like all the Pinterest bloggers. I’ve pulled together some of this seasons must have fall boots for moms.

These are practical, fashionable and most importantly kid and mom friendly!

Don’t forget to pick up some boot spray.

Block Heel Boots

The block heel trend is still on point, which is awesome for moms with mobile babies and toddlers. If you crave a bit of lift & stability, or its required because you’re petite like me, this type of boot will allow you to gain that lift but also keep it practical, because hey we are mama’s on the go.

Faux Pull On

Lets be honest, I don’t have time to sit there and lace up my combat boots, which is why I love that they have side zippered “faux lace up” boots. Time saver!

Over the Knee

I am genuinely obsessing over this style, it is so classic and frankly I doubt it will ever go out of style. Personally if you’re going to purchase a classic boot that you will get many seasons out of I’d go with a genuine leather, Sole Society has a pair that won’t put a huge dent in your bank account.

Please Don’t forget to spray your boots, I’ve ruined countless Uggs each year because I forget to spray them.

I’m currently working on a post that will show you how to revive your boots if (like me, whoops!) you forgot to spray them and they sustained some water damage. Stay tuned!



10 thoughts on “Must Have Fall Boots for Moms”

  1. Fantastic list! These are really good picks, and above all I appreciate the practical side. I can’t wait to read about restoring damaged boots- I seem to wreck mine every season! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I consider myself a practical mama for sure and honestly loved all these boots. I am in the process of picking up some winter boots so I will check some of these out!

    1. Yes! I learned about it when I was 16 and working at a shoe store, you can use the spray on any leather or leather like fabric and it will make them waterproof.

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