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So tired after a long day of running & playing outside

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This month I’ve been obsessively grooming my blog and working on getting my brand out there. It’s been a real eye opening as to how much work really goes into advertising this blog, so worth it, but it is exhausting. Especially with a toddler who thinks bedtime is somewhere between 10 pm and never o’clock and a full time job.

That is why a few weekends ago I asked my parents if we could go up to our cabin for a one day get away.

Mr. Pepper didn’t understand why I was going, “you’re going to take a 1.5 hour drive just to go up there, hang out and turn around and come right back? That’s 3 hours of driving time”….Yes. yes we were.

I have been under enormous amounts of stress at work, to the point where it’s affecting my parenting. I began to notice that my patience with my daughter was extremely thin, and not just her but with my own mother as well. I’d snap when I’d be asked a simple question or grow anxious when I’d think about returning to work the following day.

So, yes Mr. P, a 3 hour round trip drive into the mountains, away from technology & work thoughts sounded like the right thing for me. I could physically feel the emotional load I had been carrying around for the past few weeks begin to lift the higher in elevation we drove.

It brought back memories of my brother and I as kids taking these same roads up each summer. And I know how special it was for my parents to share that with their granddaughter as well

And you know what it was the perfect escape.

2 thoughts on “Escape to the Mountains”

    1. It really is calming, just being away from the city and cell phone service is awesome. I kinda miss precellphone days. We were so much more in tune with what was going on that moment and always looking at things around us.

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