Kids Halloween Costumes on a Budget

I’m not necessarily the most frugal mom in the world, I’ve been known to buy impractical things for my daughter

i.e expensive newborn shoes (face palm, cute in theory but so impractical)

But I draw the line at Halloween costumes, I’ve never purchased any for myself because I can’t stop balking at how outrageous they’re priced.

Last year my aunt bought my daughter a sweet pineapple costume. She looked so cute, see below? This is the only photo I have of her in it.

She tried it on once.

And didn’t end up wearing it on Halloween.

I felt horrible for wasting that money.

This year I will forgo the purchased costume and get a little DIY-ey with our costumes. I took a trip to Dollar Tree and was amazed at their entire section of Halloween costumes.

Seriously, mama’s drop what you’re doing and head there for any Halloween costume shopping.

If you are a frugal mom who needs to find kids Halloween costumes on a strict budget this will be your Mecca for Halloween costumes.

Below are a few ideas that I came up with using Dollar Tree finds.

Girls Costume Ideas

Masquerade Attendee
Tutu Princess
Princess Fairy
Pirate Fairy
Pink Flamingo – Learn how here

Boys Costume Ideas

Mad Scientist
Hockey Player
Jason Mask
Ninja Turtle

I’d love to hear what else you creative mama’s come up with, I am so impressed with Dollar Tree, I actually picked up the cowboy hat and plan on using it for my Halloween costume (thinking I may be Indiana Jones).

7 thoughts on “Kids Halloween Costumes on a Budget”

    1. Yes! and even if you sell them to a store like Kid2Kid you get pennies on the dollar for it. Much rather raise my daughter to be a creative thinker and work with what she’s got (also mommy’s wallet appreciates it)

  1. Have to admit I love the pineapple costume, but probably better not to spend too much! One year I sewed a tin man costume for my 4 year old son. He loved the costume and I still have it. However, the shiny fabric was very difficult to sew. The next year when he saw a spider man costume he wanted, I said “put it in the cart!” My favorite (and cheapest costume) he ever had was the year the iphone came out. We made a sandwich board iphone. He was the hit of Halloween.

    1. I love the pineapple too but so silly when she didn’t even wear it for Halloween (that was totally on me)
      The Tin Man sounds so adorable, wish I had better sewing skills for sure. You have some awesome Halloween ideas btw, super creative. I better hone up my sewing and creative skills before my little one starts requesting specific costumes.

  2. I discovered this last year and it was a revelation!! My son was a ninja turtle and we bought everything they had for turtles and ninjas, plus a thrift store green shirt and we were in maybe $10. It was awesome!

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