A coworker of mine made this beautiful unicorn cake, and my mom the creative lady that she is, gussied it up with fresh flowers from her garden.

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Bridget turns One!

We celebrated Bridget’s first birthday in June and it was such a great time! I initially didn’t want to do anything major for her because she wouldn’t remember it and it seemed silly to spend so much money….however, last minute I decided to ask my mom for help. I wanted a low key BBQ to celebrate, but I should’ve known that nothing with my mom is ever low key, it’s just not her style.

My mom cooked up a storm, we had a few family and friends come over to celebrate and Bridget (and me) were surprised with a pineapple piñata! Bridget really enjoyed smacking the heck out of it, it’s definitely a tradition that we will continue.

My family calls Bridget, little B, my uncle surprised us with this “little Bee” smash cake. Bridget loved it! She started tentatively eating the frosting, but as soon as she realized that no one was going to stop her in destroying it she went into destructive mode, by the time she was done with it it was completely smashed, such a success. She then fell into a sugar induced sleep, turning one is such hard work!


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