So week one of my sugar fast has been tough! Aside from fighting the cravings that present themselves throughout my day on a regular basis, it was my aunts birthday this week and I had to say “No thank you” when offered a piece of cake. It was actually pretty funny when my aunt laughed and said “the best part is that this sugar fast is self-imposed”.
Yes, yes it is. But I am determined to see this out and train my body to expect good things. I’m already feeling like I have more energy during the day and have been sleeping more soundly.
Lots of great things going on in the blog this past week, I’m really excited that I’ve been more productive on posting!
Some days it can be hard to balance mom, wife and employee duties. My day job has been super stressful of late.
We had a meeting this week and one of our doctors showed up to let us know how much he appreciates what we do for the clinic. It was a small gesture but it made me feel appreciated and as though what I do is important and beneficial for our clinic. It really turned my attitude around.
This week on the blog we talked about things you shouldn’t tell pregnant women. Read about it and please let me know if there are any other things that you’ve been told while pregnant. I could use a good laugh!
If you’re struggling to come up with some Mother’s Day plans, see my post here on fun and unique ways to spend the day! I promise you won’t be disappointed, there’s wine involved.
I also talked about awesome baby items that I wish I’d registered for.
And if you needed a bit of a pep talk and would like to go sugar free with me for the month of May, read here for an inspirational uplifting post on preventing body shaming.

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