Happy Mother’s Day to all the momma’s out there, old, new and soon to be.
I think Mother’s Day and my daughters birthday will be my two new favorite holidays.
I earned both of them of them afterall.
thoughts on my first mother's day, mother's day celebrations
I have a fun wine tasting picnic planned for today and can’t wait for it. We will be going to Ste. Chapelle’s annual Mother’s Day concert with my mom, Mr. Pepper’s mom and my sister in law. I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend today.
Since it’s my first official Mother’s Day, I am a tiny bit anxious about it.
I know how to celebrate as a daughter, but as a mother….
I know it’s a day to enjoy being with your children and celebrate motherhood. Silly as it may seem some days I think I just am not the best mom I can be. I at times feel as though I don’t spend enough quality time with my daughter, at least not as much as I’d like. I hope Bridget knows how much I love her and worry about how happy she is, how her day goes when I’m at work all day.
I don’t feel brave enough or good enough at times to be the kind of mom my mom was and still is, to me and my brother.
Growing up my mom was fearless, a tiny bit embarrassing (as all moms usually are), but most of all she was a miracle worker. She got the impossible done.
Need to get dinner done in 30 minutes, and oh yeah, the cousins and tias are coming over, she’d get it done and it’d be fantastic.
Going on road trips we had a tiny Datsun that barely held the 4 of us and our luggage but somehow my mom would get that car packed. And whats more astounding is she’d know where everything was!
When my grandpa was in the ICU and we knew the end was near, my mom jumped to action and had him baptized by our priest.
My grandma still marvels at how my mom just knew that it had to be done and it brought her and my grandpa some peace.
As a mom myself I can now begin to appreciate my mom more. She can still drive me crazy (but I think that’s just nature)
She’s always known what needed to be done and then did it.
she’s an incredible lady.
She’s the person I aspire to be, the person that I hope Bridget has in her life for a very long time.
She may drive me crazy, make me lose my temper but she’s the greatest person in my life.

mother's day celebrations
my mother in law and my mom at my baby shower #wonderwomen

I’d love to hear about all the incredible mother’s in your life.

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