let me love you a little bit more before you're not little anymore
With Bridget’s 1st birthday a few weeks away I’ve been thinking at how fast time just swept by me.
I came across a quote a while back and it stuck with me.
“Let me love you a little more before you’re not little anymore”
Yesterday, at my dad’s birthday BBQ Bridget was so cuddly and sweet, coming off a cupcake sugar high. She just snuggled up against my chest and fell asleep. It was so sweet and I just fell in love with her all over again.
I remember when I was pregnant, I attended my friend Kendra’s daughters 1st birthday. I vividly remember her husband A.J talking with me about their daughter and telling me that the first couple weeks were rough and a lot of the care giving would fall on me at first. But it would all be worth it “just wait until they get their little personalities” he told me.
He was so right.
The first couple weeks were rough for us, but once we got the hang of having a baby around, things just sort of fell into place. And once her little personality started to peek in we were sold.
At almost one year old Bridget has us wrapped around her finger so tight, we couldn’t let go if we wanted. She loves to “chat” with us, with the baby piano, with mom or dad. Whoever, she loves chatting.
She enjoys throwing things ,sometimes its my iPhone oops. Her favorite thing in the world is to stand and clap. She just claps at everyone and anything. It melts my heart every time. She even claps in her sleep.
let me love you a little more, mother's thoughts
In the back of my mind I keep thinking she’s growing up so fast, I’m afraid to blink and have her be a teenager when she won’t let me hug her or cuddle her.
For now, I will enjoy these moments, cherish them.



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