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Before we head off to a family BBQ I wanted to give a big Mahalo to those who have served, are currently serving, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. If you know me you, you know that I have some pretty close ties with the Navy. I have many family members that have served in our armed forces, including Mr. Pepper and my brother, and my family has also lost people. My grandma lost, not just her little brother in World War II but also a cousin on the USS Arizona battleship. Memorial Day is pretty important, remembering those who’s lives were cut so short.

solemn pride that must be yours quote
Love this quote, comes from Abraham Lincoln written to Mrs. Bixby who lost all 5 of her sons during the American civil war, one of the most powerful lines in that letter.

So enjoy today, enjoy the great company you’re with and take a moment to say a prayer of thanks to those who have lost their lives in order for us to live ours.



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