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Hi lovelies,
Whether you are a mom to be, a first time mom or a seasoned mom we all celebrate Mother’s Day to celebrate someone special in our lives.
Being a mom has been the single most challenging thing to have happened to me. I love being a mom, but it’s still a little scary having so much responsibility for another person. I finally get why my mom would wait up for me when I would go out with my friends, call me to check up when I was running late and finally hide the car keys so I wouldn’t sneak out my back door at night.

It is the most exhausting job out there! You are constantly worrying about your child, are they safe, are they hungry, did they bring a jacket in case it gets cold. Next time you see your mom give her a big hug because you know what, being a mom ain’t a walk in the park.

I’ve gathered some fun ideas on activities + gifts that are sure to bring a smile to the mom figure in your life

This will be my first Mother’s Day and I am beyond thrilled to spend it with my mom and my little girl.
I know Mother’s Day isn’t simply about the gifts (although those are nice too, hint hint Mr. Pepper) but about the experiences and memories you create.
One of my friends has a tradition of going to a winery each year and I’m planning on doing the same thing this year.

Take your mom to a wine tasting

if you’re in Idaho, Ste. Chapelle, read about my visit, offers a Mother’s Day event each year and I am so excited to be going this year. Funny story, I was telling a coworker of mine that she should take her mom to Ste. Chapelle’s for Mother’s Day. Her response, “Is that your church?”
Yes. Yes it is.
Who drinks more wine than mother’s? Look up your local wineries to see if they’re hosting any mother’s day events. I can’t see a better way to spend an afternoon celebrating mother’s than at a winery or vineyard doing some wine tasting.

Mother’s love flowers

I used to tell Mr. Pepper I didn’t want flowers for any occasion, that if he was going to be getting me something it best be chocolate, but I’ve recently come around. There’s nothing nicer than a fresh bouquet to brighten up a room. I found these grow your own flower pots which seem like a fun way to let your mom know you love her for weeks to come, they even have Garden-in-a-Can which has a variety of herbs. I know my mom would love this hot chili & sweet pepper grow kit, she definitely has a green thumb.
Perhaps spend the day planting these with your mom.

If you’re more of a group activity person, try out Plant Night!

They have one in almost every major city in the U.S. These are hosted at a favorite local bar.
Here in Boise we have Bodovino, basically a fountain soda bar but instead of soda it’s wine! Every week they host Plant Nite, where you can build terrariums, succulent planters or herb gardens. Let’s be honest, the only way you’ll get me to do some gardening is if there’s wine involved.

Personalized Gifts

For Christmas I gifted my own mom and mother in law these sweet coffee travel mugs (for the mom on the go!) with their favorite Bridget photos. I love that they’re customizable and unique and honestly would make an awesome gift for any mom on Mother’s Day.

Go Bike Riding

Downtown Boise has launched Boise Green Bike riding program, you can rent a bicycle and explore the city. What a cool way to go green! you can rent online or on your phone, go here to see if your city has a bike share program. This would be a great way to be active and create some fun memories while exploring your town with your mom.

If all else fails then brunch, it’s the most important meal of the day after all. And don’t forget the mimosas!


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