baby girl at the park
little girl with a flower
park swing set and my little girl
daddy and baby girl on the swing set
baby girl with a tennis ball
daddy and baby girl at the park

The last few days my little girl has been in a grumpy mood. I’m so used to seeing her smile and giggling first thing in the morning, that seeing her in a bad mood the last few days makes me sad.
It could be related to teething, or maybe just like the rest of us, shes just been having a couple of bad days.
Whatever the reason we’ve been trying to get her out of “the grumps”. She’s gotten into the habit of tossing anything we hand her.
At 11 months old she has such a personality on her and attitude, no idea where the ‘tude came from 󠀡𛲢𛲠😛, is this foreshadowing the terrible 2s?!

Mr. Pepper and I took a long walk to a nearby park to see if we could get her out of her grumpy mood. She had more fun playing w the grass and flowers than she did on the swing and slide.
At the park she made a friend with a 2 year old girl. Bridget recently learned how to throw a ball so they threw the ball a few times which seemed to perk her up a bit.
I think Bridget gets bored at home, my friend has her little one in daycare and he gets a lot of interaction there with other kids. He’s learned how to do things, such as wave and say bye, waaaay before Bridget. Socializing is so important!
So we try to set up play dates and I try to get her out as much as I possibly can to avoid the boredom which can lead to her grumpiness.
Thankfully her grumpiness is gone today and she woke up so much happier.
What do you guys do when you’re little one gets grumpy?
Let me know!


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