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 Useful teething relief tips for infants

I touched briefly on a few things we are using to help relieve Bridget’s teething pain here, but I thought I’d expand a bit more on what we have found helpful!

So far Bridget has her two lower teeth but has a few of her upper teeth coming.
Her bottom teeth weren’t as painful as her upper teeth, I didn’t realize she was teething until one day I stuck my finger and felt two little ridges on her bottom gums (Mom of the year award right here)

This time around not only did I know what to look for but she’s been fussier than usual.
Aside from excessive drooling, she cries anytime I try and touch her cheeks and is constantly making chewing motions to rub her upper gums.


Our pediatrician suggested providing teething infants with big fruits


natural teething relief for infants

  • apples (try sticking it in the fridge before hand)
  • lemons or even mandarins (with supervision) to chew on. Make sure to not peel the the lemons or mandarins.
  • mango seed, it’s tasty, nutritious and not a swallowing hazard
  • ALSO, frozen bagel!


If creating too big of a mess is a concern, my friend suggested using these, she gives these to her little boy full of frozen fruits such as pineapple or blueberries!
These are also great,a bit smaller but easier to clean.  (They also come with a clip so you can clip to your baby’s clothing. Useful because we all know how much they enjoy tossing objects on the floor and watching us fetch them)
natural teething remedy
Bridget loves her mango seed

Teething Toys

We have a couple different teething toys for Bridget but mainly stick with the Nuby Teether and Munchkin Hand (this one we stick in the freezer and give to her cold, really helps to numb the gums)

OTC Medication & Topical Pain Relief



We’ve also given Bridget Infant Tylenol on those
occasions that nothing soothes her and
shes just too fussy to be calmed down.


Linked is the Tylenol dosage chart for reference 
(as always check with your pediatrician first before
giving babies any medication)
In addition to Tylenol we also apply Baby Orajel to her gums

Teething Biscuits

Bridget loves her Mum Mum Rice Biscuits for teething. I recommend your child already be well acquainted with the chewing and swallowing actions before use (we tried these when Bridget was around 4 months old and she was just way too young). There are a variety of flavors, our favorite is banana.

We give these to her at meal times (aka, adult meal time) because she feels included in our dinner time routine (and doesn’t beg off mom and dad’s plate) and gets to eat something that soothes her sore gums.

Anyone else have useful teething tips, I’ve found that cold, edibles are her favorite (that girl just loves to eat just like her momma)
Let me know!



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