Living Aloha

So I’m taking a stroll down memory lane today, mainly because it is the middle of April and we woke up to snow. What the heck?
Mr. Pepper and I have almost nightly talks about how we both miss living in Hawaii.


We’d only move back if he got a pilot job on one of the islands, so right now it’s probably an unrealistic dream, but its good to know that the door isn’t completely closed on Hawaii.
I decided I wanted to share some photos from my time there. While on the hunt for photos I realized I didn’t really take too many photos during our time there and it makes me so sad. These are the best ones I could find.
Top of Tantalus – photo shoot from my first blog post found HERE
Ala Wai boat harbor
Downtown China Town


Enjoying the sun before the storm
Top of Koko Head
This is a whale “waving” at a submarine
Mr Pepper + I on a sailing cruise

This is so cheesy. Like incredibly cheesy. I’m fairly certain that the day I got pregnant was the day I went swimming with the sea turtles. I love sea turtles. Adore them. I don’t have some crazy obsession with them where they adorn every corner of my house but from the first time I saw one swimming at Hanauma Bay I just fell in love.

They are the underwater mermaids of the ocean. They are beautiful, and just glide through the water. I find them magical.

My friend Lori and I decided we’d have what we had coined “adventure days” and drove down to Ko’Olina. Lori swore up and down that she had the perfect spot where the sea turtles just swam right up to you. She was not wrong.


It was seriously the most awesome experience ever.

And a few weeks later I found out I was pregnant.
So. Magical.


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