hello fresh food delivery review

Hello Fresh Review

Have you guys heard of Hello Fresh?
It’s a meal delivery company that delivers weekly fresh ingredients to your home so that you can by pass the grocery store and have everything readily available at home! Let me tell you, this service is life changing. Especially if you like cooking (I’m not really a cook but even I’m sold)

I am not Susie the Homemaker, my cooking skills are limited to beans (not rice because I tend to burn it), scrambled eggs (that only I can eat because I scrape off the burnt parts) and french dip (hey Crockpot, I’m lookin’ at you).
And I’ll be completely honest. I did not cook this meal, Mr. Pepper did. BUT, there’s really not much room in our kitchen for more than one person to work and this involved steak and I was nervous I’d burn it. (It was also a clever excuse I used to get Mr. Pepper to cook me two dinners in a row! I win.)

We decided to have him cook the butter basted steak, parsnip wedges and creamed spinach. I’ve never actually had parsnips before and I was completely blown away at how yummy they were.

hello fresh review parsnips
hello fresh review

At one point during dinner I looked up at Mr. Pepper and said “why don’t we cook at home more?”.
I’d love to be able to have nightly dinners with my family, it’s not something that happened very much in my childhood home as my dad usually got home late. But we always had Sunday breakfast together which at the time I found annoying but now looking back it’s one of the few times during the week we’d all be gathered around the kitchen table.

My birthday was yesterday and I think that this year I want to focus on my family and being the best wife and mother I can be and I’d love to start cooking dinner at least once a week and eating together as a family. I am just completely head over heels over this. I want to order it at least once a month just to get ideas stirring in my head.

I was able to try this awesome service by redeeming 3 free meals.
You can too by using the code : SUSANOWE

Try it out and let me know what you think!


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