When it comes to wine, I don’t discriminate.
However, champagne holds a special place in my heart. Perhaps its because its so bubbly, like me, it goes well with everything and oh yes…it’s appropriate to drink it with your orange juice at 10am. yes that must be it.

Ok….so actually my deep appreciation for champagne began about two weeks ago. Right after watching an episode of “Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian”.
One of the trainers mentioned substituting a glass of champagne for wine or hard alcohol because it’s significantly lower in calories.

I’ve been turning towards it a little more frequently because I’ve been focusing on working out and regaining my pre baby body. however I’d still like to be able to have a few drinks throughout the week so I’m perfectly happy drinking some bubbly instead. Also lets face it, champagne makes anyone feel classy.
And what better way to unwind after a tortuous workout than a glass of champagne, with raspberries in it of course.


I’ve also conquered my fear of shooting myself in the face with the cork. Priorities yo.

(However a little less classy pulling out my clearly labeled “2012” champagne glasses. Hint to the mister that my birthday is coming up soon and these would make a great gift )How do you gals unwind after work and kid responsibilities?

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