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Christmas Gift Guide for Infants

With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve had so many relatives asking me what they can gift Bridget. Clearly my answer of “I don’t know” was not good enough. At 6 months Bridget can be easily distracted by pretty much anything, but keeping her attention is another thing!
So I’ve put on my research hat and found some great toys that are reasonably priced and most of all engaging for your little one.

Lamaze Peek-a-Boo Forest

You can never introduce books too early. What I love about the Lamaze Peek-a-Boo Forest books is that they are sturdy (i.e little hands won’t rip the pages because they’re cloth) and they are easily washable in case sticky hands get juice and jam all over them. These are also great for sensory development, it really is never too early to start reading to your littles.

Appropriate for: Newborn+

Oball Flex n Go Activity Arch

This Oball Flex N Go Activity Arch looks amazing and frankly I wish I’d known about this when Bridget was a newborn as it would’ve made many car rides a bit more enjoyable. What’s nice is that this just clips onto the sides of the car seat and will keep baby looking up and entertained. The toys are also detachable so you can use them as separate toys. Win-Win!
Appropriate for: Newborn+

BuffBaby Dumbbell Rattle

The Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle is possibly one of the funniest and cutest toys I’ve ever seen my daughter play with. We didn’t have this personally, my friend did, but everytime we went to visit she’d eagerly reach for it (even if my friend’s son was playing with it) and it would be “her toy” for the rest of the visit.

 Appropriate for: 3m+

My Pal Violet

Top of the list is Leapfrogs My Pal Violet. I’ll admit this is already wrapped and under our tree. Violet (or Scout if you have a little boy) can be personalized for your little one by using your phone!
I was intrigued because Violet will say Bridget’s name and spell it for her and really engages her. (We may have tried the toy out at Target), it even plays 5 different lullabies for 10-15 minutes which is awesome because it can get a little tiring pushing the little buttons on Bridget’s different stuffed animals to get them to play a tune.

Appropriate for: 6m+

Little Tikes Light ‘n Go – 3-in-1 Activity Walker

What’s better than getting one gift? Getting 3 gifts all in one! This Little Tikes 3-in-1 Walker is perfect if your little one is a supported sitter and you can begin using it right away as it starts as a sit & play activity center, then a standing activity table and finally a walker. I love the lights that it has and knowing my little one, she will definitely use this walker to chase them around the house once she’s up on her feet and mobile.

Appropriate for: 6m+

Infantino PlayGym & TeePee

This is awesome. We had a close friend gift us a playgym (that is amazing) but I have had a secret yearning for this teepee. The Infantino Go GaGa Infant to Toddler Play Gym & Fun TeePee grows with your baby and becomes a fun little bedroom addition for your toddler.

Appropriate for: 1m+

Evenflo Exersaucer

If we had anymore room in our home we would totally have invested in one of these Evenflo activity centers. A girlfriend of mine has a similar one in her home and her little bub adores hanging out in it. It’s great to be able to place your little one in there and have them be able to entertain themselves while you give your arms a well deserved break.

Appropriate for: 4+m (or whenever your little one can hold their own head up and has greater trunk control)

I hope you find these gift suggestions helpful. Shopping for babies is hard because you really want something that is educational and also helpful during those times when you’ve got to do 5 things at once but have to hold a baby. Being able to have functional gifts is amazing, and I’ve definitely suggested these to my family members.
Do you guys have any suggestions for great baby Christmas gifts? Let me know below!

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