signs of an ear infection, following your mom intuition
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I’ve been fighting a cold this week and unfortunately passed it on to little B. I feel so sad for her, this is only her second cold, which for an almost 1 year old is pretty dang good! She’s got my great immune system 😉. Read here for more tips on effective cold remedies.

She woke up yesterday congested and with lots of snot coming out of her little nose.
When I got home from work I noticed that her ear had some brown drainage, I’m lucky enough that I can reach out to my nurse friends when I have any medical questions. The doctor who was on call thought it could be a ruptured ear drum but advised us to monitor her through the night and bring her in the next day if she wasn’t doing better.

It was a rough night. I was up at 4 am rocking little Bridget to sleep and then up again at 6 am to remove snot so she could breathe. We slept in our rocking chair for a few hours, she preferred to sleep upright right on my chest so she could breathe easier. BTW, I love this nasal aspirator! Bridget doesn’t care for it too much but it gets so much gunk out, its simply amazing.

Part of me was thinking she just had a cold but she was so unusually sad this morning that I decided I’d better get a 2nd opinion and take her in to see our doctor. So glad that I followed my mom intuition and took her in! She was diagnosed with a partially ruptured ear drum and an ear infection. Poor baby!

If any mums out there need to know signs of an ear infection, here are a few to look for:

Unusual ear drainage (brown or extremely thick ear wax)
Child tugging on ear
Crying when laying flat (Tip: prop up baby’s crib with a blanket underneath the mattress)

Some children may not even show much of a difference, Bridget was pretty happy, other than the random bouts of crying and snot you may not of known she was sick

Mom intuition is real! Don’t let anyone make you feel silly for over reacting, Mr. Pepper thought I was being overly cautious in taking her in. I think he was surprised when I text him and said it was a ruptured ear drum. When we got home he immediately started cuddling little B and trying to make her feel better. Mom knows best 😊

Have a great weekend, we will be spending our weekend our trying to get out little bub to feel better,

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