blue eyed baby with a pink headband

The “Headband” look

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The first thing people say when they set their eyes on baby B is “look at all that hair!” closely followed by “and those cheeks!”
I love everything about her, how could I not, I’m her mother after all. But I have to confess that doing her hair daily is not a task that I typically look forward to.

baby girl with a pony tail

the “Ponytail”

When it comes to styling hair I don’t know the first thing. Other than the very basic very messy braid I can’t do much more than that. Growing up my mom would always be yanking my hair into tight scalp pulling french braids, crown braid, cornrows or the ever classic pigtail braids. Braids! Braids! Braids If braids were a Brady, they’d be Marcia.
I was sick of having my hair pulled back so tight that it looked like I’d had a dose of pediatric botox.

baby girl with long hair next to a pinata
rare photo of me with my hair NOT pulled tight, I was around 2 years old

….now that I’m older, maturer, and more refined I can appreciate a great hairstyle. It’s a trait I wish I’d picked up.
Poor Bridget, the best I can do is two high ponytails

double pony tail on a little girl

the “double pony tail”

On a good day I can accomplish this! Which ok, I have to give myself some credit because that little girl moves her head a lot! (ps. I use these rubberbands to hold her hair in place)
On the days that Mr. Pepper is watching her she pretty much always looks like this, except for when they go to the market…..

baby girl with lots of hair

the “wild and free” look

…then he goes a little fancy and puts a bow in her hair, like so.

baby girl styled by daddy

the “Daddy Hairstyle”

A few days ago I managed to make two extremely loose braids on her. (Don’t worry mom friends, that is an empty alka seltzer box in her hand)

baby girl with a messy braid

the “messy braid”

I’ve been experimenting with her hair the last couple of weeks, I still have my work cut out for me but it’s better than the ragamuffin look.
Does anyone else struggle with baby hair? My friend, the hairdresser has suggested using baby lotion to slick it back, which makes it easier to handle since baby hair tends to be soft and silky. Let me know of any tips down below!

Till next time!

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