Awesome baby items (that I wish I’d registered for)

As a first time mom you get overwhelmed very easily. There are so many items out there that are geared towards you and scream “buy me!” I was one of those moms that ended up registering for items that I just did not need and spent a lot of money after having my baby buying items I should’ve registered for in the first place.

The list below are items that I’ve used almost on a daily basis either from day one or through the many stages of baby’s first year.


Don’t get caught without a thermometer

we ordered ours the first day we brought our daughter home. We ordered this one because it reads forehead and tympanic (ear) temperatures. This will give you peace of mind when you believe your little one has a fever.


Reusable Food Pouches

Although you won’t be using these for a few months, the day your baby starts to transition from milk to pureed foods you’ll be glad that you have these on hand. This Choome set comes with reusable food pouches and 2 valves that prevent the food from being squeezed out by little eager hands. If you don’t require the reusable packs you can purchase the valves separately. They’re super easy to use, just stick them on your squeeze packet and baby is ready to eat, and they’re about 99% mess free. Still requires some supervision. They also come with extra reusable packets so you can buy the Gerber fruit or veggie tubs and spoon them into the packets.

 My friend told me about these Choomee starter spoons, which promote feeding independence. I also found these Boon spoons which are great for babies are who are just starting on pureed foods and need some help, they hold up to 3 ounces of baby food and are super easy to clean!
Baby food freezer tray by WeeSprout are awesome for freezing homemade baby food, then you can transfer them into the reusable pouches and feed to your little one later

 Bath Spout Cover

I’ve recently ordered this bath spout cover. My little one has outgrown her baby bath tub (I highly recommend this one here) and we’ve gone full tub baby! I’ve hit myself on the spout before and saw stars it was so painful! So I’m super fearful of my little bub smacking her head on the spout too. I additionally ordered the tear-free waterfall rinser, shhh don’t tell Mr. Pepper.
Speaking of bath tubs, what about all those toys? Where do they go after you’ve dried off your bub, this bath tub toy organizer is the perfect solution.

 Pumping Bra

Also, I know most moms go into this wanting to breastfeed, I was one of them. I pumped for a few weeks and got a lot of use out of this pumping bra. I would attach my pump and then pull the bra pieces over the shield to keep them in place and just watch tv, eat, read whatever I wanted. Even though I was still attached to my pump like a milking cow, at least I was a hands free one.

Sizing tip, they run a tad big. I got a large because my breasts were giant and even it was still a tiny bit too big, I would’ve done great with a medium. Also, if you are breastfeeding and are all set with your pump, I recommend getting this handheld pump too. Had to use this a few times when I didn’t want to lug around my big pump because I wasn’t going to be gone from my house too long but damn-wasn’t-I-happy-I-had-this-pump-in-my-bag. Lifesaver…or shall I say breastsaver.

 Baby Gate

Now I know this a baby gate doesn’t look awesome or fun or anything that you’d consider putting on your registry, but trust me. When your baby starts to crawl around and you pull this out you will say “this is awesome”.  And if you don’t have one you will immediately get in your car and drive out to buy a baby gate. My brother calls this our pig pen because we have it arranged in a pen shape so our little one can crawl around and not get herself in trouble. We got ours off of Craigslist when Bridget was already crawling around and pulling books off bookshelves and glasses full of wine off end tables. I wish I’d had the foresight to have registered for these before hand.


I’ve sung the praises of the Nose-Frida before you can read about why I love it here.

Bridget was pretty colicky the first couple of weeks. I remember when she was 2 years old, Mr. Pepper had to fly to Seattle to pick up our car that had arrived from Hawaii and I was left alone with her. She cried all night long. I tried everything, I sang, I walked, danced, swayed side to side.. I finally did the “baby bicycle” move for a while until she finally relieved gas. I wish I’d had this guy handy because it would’ve saved me and Bridget many tears that night.

Podster & Sleepsacks

My daughter is now 11 months old and we still use this Leachco Podster. It is simply the most used baby item we received that we didn’t register for. Read my review here.

As a newborn we would let her take naps in it, it was handy to lay her in it in our bathroom so I could take a quick bath and keep an eye on her. Currently we still use it when its feeding time. We’ll place her in it and hand her a bottle and within a few minutes she is out like a light.I never got the hang of swaddling my daughter, in fact I was terrible at it.Luckily our hospital gifted us a Halo Sleepsack which I used nightly. Making swaddling a cinch, seriously without this I may have gone crazy because swaddling did not come easy to me. This allowed me to get my baby to sleep faster, which meant I got to go back to sleep sooner. Win-win. Depending on when your child is born you may want to go with the micro fleece if you’re in a colder climate, or 100% cotton if you happen to have a summer time babe

Hope these suggestions are helpful!


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  1. These are all great items that everyone should have on their baby registries. I was able to rig up a unique device to pump hands free, but it didn’t work 100% of the time and I always got really upset when I lost even a few drops of milk! And the nosefrieda is GROSS, but man, it works and I wish they made one for adults, especially after this last week when I had a really nasty cold/sinus/allergy whatever.

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