Just a few days late, but I wanted to share my stroller walk photos from Sunday.

If you ever get to visit Boise, take a walk in the East End part of town.
Its got lots of charm, bike friendly and some of the most beautiful historic houses to look at it.

It’s one of my favorite places in Boise.

I actually used to live down in the East End with my two girlfriends and we enjoyed being so close to downtown Boise (because that was way back before the Uber days) and could walk to and from the bars downtown.

My friend has a little one who’s just a few weeks younger than Bridget, so we decided to walk down and grab brunch at a nearby restaurant.
It was a nice sunny day, perfect to gather with another mom and discuss our children.

Upside of hanging with other moms is not feeling guilty when you spend 98% of your time talking about your child.

Since having Bridget it is so much fun hanging out with other mothers who get it when you can’t keep a conversation going because your’re distracted by a crawling baby, spend 5 minutes talking about how your kid is so close to standing on their own or when you stop midway in a sentence to wipe a runny nose.
They understand.

It’s great to have a support team, mine is made up of a “been there done that” mom, a few “first time moms” and some that are about to be moms. It’s a pretty well rounded out group. And we all support each other & it’s wonderful!



I use this stroller, it’s great for outdoor walks and runs
Floral Nike’s HERE
Similar Monkey Hat that Bridget is wearing HERE


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