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Want to find Maternity Clothing that won’t break the break??

Let’s face it, maternity clothing is expensive and for the most part unless you’re planning on being pregnant for the next few years you don’t get too much wear out of them. So, I thought I’d share what I found to be “must haves” in your closet to get you through this burgeoning stage of life without breaking the bank!


Here is how I maximized my wardrobe during my pregnancy.

Some of these are items can “carry you through” for most of your pregnancy.


First let’s look at what you ALREADY HAVE IN YOUR CLOSET

yes that’s right, you probably already have numerous items that you can use throughout 95% of your pregnancy. I found my flannel shirts to be a perfect addition to any “legging outfit”.

Oversized button downs & Layering Tops

I lived in my button downs and flannel shirts. They were extremely comfortable and they didn’t cost me a thing since I had some prior to becoming pregnant.
I also had some extra long and stretchy layering tanks which I wore for most of my pregnancy. These were nice because they followed the curve of my bump and concealed it until I became too massive, at which point, I switched to maternity tanks.


maternity clothing on a budget, how to maximize your pregnancy wardrobe
Loved my checkered flannel, please ignore my closed eyes.
This was the day Mr. Pepper came home from Hawaii


I personally liked the Old Navy maternity clothing section.  It had a lot of great options and it wasn’t overly expensive! I invested in a few of their maternity tank tops and they became a new staple. I absolutely recommend investing in some tanks, I also highly recommend going in to their store and checking out their clearance, you can score some massive savings! I’ve since passed them on to another friend is expecting her 3rd little one!


maternity clothes that are budget friendly, how to maximize your maternity wardrobe
I used my J. Crew basic tees (mentioned here) all the time because they were extremely comfortable and they retained their shape.


Leggings + Yoga pants

I was able to use these leggings for my entire pregnancy, they were just that stretchy! And they are not see through which is a must when wearing leggings or yoga pants. They also come in short, regular and long. I still wear them after my pregnancy to hit the gym, they held their shape and elasticity really well.


          Denim Maternity Clothing

The one area where I splurged was maternity jeans. I simply cannot live without jeans, and these Topshop Jeans were amazing! I wore them everywhere and I even wore them a handful of times after delivery because they were just THAT COMFORTABLE. I bought two different pairs of jeans and even got a pair of maternity shorts. Worth every penny!

I imagine if you were to have a c-section these would be an awesome daily staple (no pun intended) while your incisions heal.

Bodycon Dresses

No seriously, this is the time when you can rock them! I wore my bodycon dresses quite often as I could go from work to casual in no time. I found that the Forever 21 dresses worked just fine and they were budget friendly. I wore a slip, similar to these for longer dresses and these for shorter dresses.


Now I know this next recommendation will probably be laughed at but I highly recommend at the very minimum wearing them to bed at night. There’s nothing worse than swollen feet while pregnant

Compression Socks

(my secret weapon to combating end of the day swelling)

I know, I know, only your grandma wears them, but trust me it is so worth it to help prevent those unsightly varicose veins that are super prominent during pregnancy.

Sockwell has been my go to favorite for quite a few years, in fact I wear these even while not pregnant. When I worked on the floor (and by that I mean I worked in a hospital doing 12 hour shifts, on my feet ALL SHIFT LONG) these socks helped prevent blood clots, swelling and varicose veins.

With a few exceptions, you can definitely still use your current clothing as maternity clothing, as I mentioned before I recommend investing in some maternity jeans though! You don’t want to be uncomfortable.

 Hope this helps,

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