hello 28

getting older

My birthday month.
It’s nearing the end of February and with it comes my birthday.

I used to look forward to this month, in fact, beginning in January I’d start a countdown, “43 days until my birthday” just so my friends and Mr. Pepper were prepared for the awesomeness that is my day of birth. But the last few birthdays have had this “looming” feeling to them. Perhaps its the stigma that comes with aging, or maybe its just something within myself that dreads February 28th, I’m currently undecided.

Recently a coworker asked me how old I was and I for the life of me could not remember. And for a brief moment I thought I was actually 28 and turning 29 this year and had a small heart attack. Time just seems to be rushing past me and I haven’t taken advantage of it all and I felt as though I’d missed out on a year of my life. I hate the idea of getting older.

Not saying that this last year wasn’t a great year, it was and as they say with age comes wisdom.
The greatest moment being bringing Bridget into this world. But it was full of challenges. A lot of them. However, being able to come through them and think, wow, I am way stronger than I thought I was is a pretty “wow” feeling of accomplishment. I never expected that becoming a mother would change my life so much. And most surprising and perplexing of all, I love these changes.

the only one ready for this photo was
my good friend Gina (pictured far right)

Yes, those days of grabbing my purse and waltzing out my door for a spontaneous drink with my girlfriends are long gone. My outings these days are strategically planned, every hour, bottle, and diaper accounted for. But I wouldn’t change any of that. I love being a mom. Love it more than I thought I would. I love having a purpose and reason to be the best person I can be. And, as overstated as this is, getting a smile from your child is the greatest feeling ever.

who knew you could meet one
of your best friends on Craigslist?!

I had dinner with some girlfriends a few days ago and my conversation was full of Bridget anecdotes. I mean I couldn’t even mention one thing without talking about my kid. (yes, I am THAT mom)

I even mentioned to my friends how funny it was that our conversations had changed from weekend outings, bar’s we’d been to and had shifted to talking about our kids and upcoming weddings. It is astonishing how things can change in just one short year.

What makes getting older so much better is having great friends who are growing right alongside me. Some friends are already on their 3rd child, some are engaged, and others are still enjoying that carefree lifestyle but they support me and I support them. It’s a very symbiotic relationship.

somehow, Craigslist has been my friend
when meeting some of my best friends

Honestly, I’d be so lost without my girlfriends.

I dedicate this post to those beautiful women who have seen me grow from this super awkward girl to this mom, who even though I haven’t gotten everything quite figured out, I definitely feel as though my feet at least are pointed in the right direction.

But you know what, come on 28. I’m ready for you!