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Hello! Wanted to share a quick story that happened to me and baby Bridget this past week. I went to my parents house earlier this week. They live in a pretty secluded section of town, its still a little rural in their neighborhood so its quite safe. Safe enough that we all leave our keys in our cars. In fact my aunt and uncle live right next door!

When we pulled up I tossed my keys into my cup holders and clicked the unlock button, got out and went around to the back seat passenger door to get Bridget out. To my horror I had actually hit the lock button and locked all the doors! My dad had come out to help me and he ran around trying every door too.

Imagine my horror seeing Bridget in there, knowing that it was cold and I couldn’t get to her. And with the slamming of the door she had woken up.

My mom came out and gave me her phone, as yes I had locked my phone in there too! I quickly dialed AAA and frantically told the woman on the phone “I’m so stupid, I locked my baby in my car!” She transferred me to someone who could place the high priority order for a locksmith. It would take them at least 15 minutes to get to our house. They did stress that if Bridget began to appear as though she was in distress to call 911 and/or break the window.

While this was happening my uncle came out and mentioned that the guy who lived up the road from them was a repo man. Without wasting a thought my mom took off down the road and returned within 10 minutes letting us know that the guy would come down and help us out as soon as he got his boots on

He arrived and brought his tools and got my baby out within 5 minutes. I can’t explain the relief I felt as soon as I reached in and pulled her out. She was giggly and happy and still very warm thanks to all the blankets and layers of  clothing I’d dressed her in. Bridget was so entertained with her toy the entire time that I don’t think she realized how much we were all stressing out for her

I am so lucky that this scary situation happened while I was in a safe place with immediate help available, I can’t even bare to think if this had happened at nighttime and I didn’t have my phone or anyone nearby to help. Or even worse if it was summertime and it was blisteringly hot!

I wanted to bring awareness to the situation as it does happen quite often. Luckily it wasn’t a terribly cold day in Idaho and I had dressed Bridget in a couple layers of clothes and placed a hat on her head, so she was completely bundled up and safe the entire time.

Now that it’s been a few days I can laugh at the situation but will definitely be more aware of having my keys on me before I shut the door!
Has anyone else ever had this happen to them?
Let me know so I don’t feel like the worst mom ever.

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