effective cold remedies for babies

Effective Cold Remedies for Infants

Bridget had her first cold last week, thankfully it was right before Christmas and we got through most of the yucky part before actual Christmas Day, which was great.

Even though it wasn’t any fun having a fussy sick baby we learned how to make her more comfortable and know how to handle it next time she gets a cold.
Because colds are viral and can’t be treated with antibiotics all you can really do is help alleviate the symptoms. The biggest issue with babies having a cold is the congestion that comes along with it.
If your baby has a fever above 100 degrees it’s definitely worth a phone call to your pediatrician.


sick babies are the saddest


Nose Frida

This is a Godsend! I had a girlfriend from Hawaii who sent this to me and I thought “I will never use this, that thing is gross”. And yes, the idea of sucking boogies out of your baby’s nose is pretty unappealing however this contraption is gold!  There’s a little filter that prevents any stray boogies from making their way into your mouth. We also used some saline drops to loosen up the boogies in her nostrils. Bridget hates it each time I do but she instantly feels better and can breathe.


Sleep Baby Upright

The first 2 nights that she had her cold were the worst and we felt so much more comfortable having her in our room, so we slept her upright in her baby bouncer and I was able to keep an eye on he.
On the 3rd night because she was doing a little bit better and I wasn’t feeling so anxious about her we simply placed a folded up blanket underneath her mattress, at the very top, so she slept on a slight incline. That way she was able to breathe a little easier because her sinuses were able to drain.


Vicks Vaporizer

Because Idaho air is so dry our pediatrician recommended we get a steam vaporizer. We settled on this Vick’s Vaporizer, it’s affordable and has Vicks Pads that help break up congestion. I don’t know how we lived without it before! I’ve begun to notice that at work my nose is insanely dry and yet when I’m at home I feel so much more comfortable.
Along with the vaporizer our pediatrician gave us the green light to put Vicks Vapor Rub on Bridget’s chest. (Always check with your pediatrician if you have any concerns)



In between the sucking of the snot and wiping of the nose it’s a good thing to either use chapstick or Vaseline on your baby’s upper lip to prevent raw skin from all the wiping. My husband came up with the idea to wet a wash cloth and gently wipe Bridget’s upper lip and then add a thin layer of vaseline which seemed to work great!


Zarbee’s Agave Cough Medication

I’m fortunate enough to work at the same clinic where Bridget’s pediatrician works and therefore have new questions each day for him and his nurse. I’m also fortunate that we get a lot of samples to try, Our doctor’s nurse gave me a few samples of Zarbee’s Agave Cough Medication to try and it really helped to keep Bridget’s cough under control.
*Always check with your pediatrician before giving medication to infants
*When buying make sure that it lists “Agave” and not Honey (honey is unsafe for infants under 1 year old due to botulism concerns)

What other tips do you have to help a baby with a cold? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!
Happy New Year!

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