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Essential Basic T-Shirt

I have found it! by sheer accident too as I was shopping for jeans that day..

the elusive and highly sought after essential basic tee!

I used to stay out of J Crew because I really thought it was more for the Upper East Side New Yorker. However, lately I have been venturing in there a bit more often because I am a sucker for cashmere. I can’t wear it because of how hot and humid it is in Hawaii but I do love the oh so soft caress of it as I gently run my hands over a beautiful sweater.
In one of my more recent trips I discovered their basic tees & let me tell you it was pure chance since they were on a top shelf and out of my line of sight.
I tried one on with a pair of jeans and I was sold!
At first glance I thought the price seemed a little high for just a tee shirt but you are paying for quality right here.

these are so incredibly soft and cling to all the right places. i have tried various different brands from dirt cheap to pretty spendy and I have never been as happy as I am with these.

I’ve already washed it [cold & tumble dry on low] and it is just fabulous!
I loved it so much I bought it in 3 colors and cannot wait to add more to my collection!
this summer has been incredibly hot & talking to my coworkers it seems as though its the hottest summer yet therefore i’ve spent a large majority of my summer in a tank top and shorts. These tops will be seeing a lot of action in the next few weeks.

Sale Alert: J Crew is having free shipping + 25% off purchases of $100 or more. Great time to stock up on these basics!

what i’m wearing




loved these tops so much i tried them on in every dressing room i visited


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