Casual Sunday Wear

At work, patients families are constantly bringing us sweets & many of them come from
Liliha Bakery.
They are best known for their coco puffs [nope not the cereal]
they are this extremely light & airy delectable cream puff-esque pastry.
If you are visiting Oahu absolutely make it a priority to visit here. You won’t be disappointed!
They make the best. cream. puffs. ever.
Mr. Pepper + I both agree on this.
We drove out there today, it’s about a 20 min drive for us but we made the trek specifically to get these coco puffs. I wasnt able to get a quick pic from our purchases because we ate them on the car ride home [just couldn’t wait to get home!]


Snapped a shot of me eating this tuna + ham roll
it was absolutely the business, and worth the 30 mins of cardio i’ll do later today

I wanted to be comfortable because I knew my tummy would be so full from all the puffs so I wore my favorite basic J. Crew top + some denim shorts [similiar style HERE]

I absolutely love my Lucky Brand wedges.
Just a tip, get them a half size SMALLER because of the material they fit a little loose.
I added a scarf through my belt loops just to add a little color to my outfit. similar one HERE



I love wearing my hair in this extremely messy braid, especially for lazy Sunday Funday!
Til next time loves!
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